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Figure 5-4: The Give a Game Card menu on
5. Fill out the Game Card information and click Continue.
Note that you can choose for the Game Card to be delivered at a future
date, which is convenient if you're planning ahead for a special event.
Also note that the personal message can't be more than 400 characters,
including spaces.
6. Fill in your credit card information or click the PayPal button to pay
with your PayPal account; then click the Purchase button.
If you're not comfortable using these payment options, consider getting
a FarmVille Game Card from a local retailer (see the previous section,
“An alternative to paying online: FarmVille Game Cards”).
Your Game Card gift will appear in the recipient's e-mail box on the date you
chose in Step 5. Redeeming an e-mailed Zynga Game Card works the same
as redeeming a physical FarmVille Game Card, except that you find the PIN
number in the e-mail message rather than on the back of the card. See the
previous section for more details on redeeming Game Cards.
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