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Why use Game Cards?
There are several reasons that you might want
to trek to a local store and purchase a Game
Card rather than pay for your FarmVille cur-
rency online. The first is obvious: Many people
are still not comfortable sharing their finan-
cial information online. Although Facebook
and FarmVille use encryption technology to
secure your online payments, no online pay-
ment method is foolproof, and there's always
a chance that hackers could somehow obtain
your payment and billing information through
an online transaction. Buying a Game Card in
a brick-and-mortar store is anonymous and lets
you keep your personal information personal.
Game Cards are also a convenient option for
people who don't have access to a credit card
or other online payment account. This applies
especially to children, who usually don't have
credit cards, and whereas Mom is likely to be
wary of handing her credit card over to the
kids, a prepaid Game Card removes the risk of
an unauthorized shopping spree.
Which brings us to the final advantage Game
Cards have over online payments: gifts.
Currently, FarmVille lets you use online pay-
ments only to add in-game currency to your
personal account. If you want to give some
Farm Cash or Farm Coins to a friend, your only
options are to buy a physical Game Card to give
them or to purchase a Zynga Game Card online
(see the “Sending Zynga Game Cards as online
gifts” section in this chapter). Just as retail gift
cards do, Game Cards make great presents for
FarmVille-lovers. Hey, you know what other
present they might enjoy? This topic! Why not
buy another copy (or 12!)?
Redeeming FarmVille Game Cards
When you purchase your FarmVille Game Card, you need to have it activated
at checkout. You then need to redeem it for FarmVille currency online. To do
so, click the Game Cards tab above the FarmVille play area and scroll down
the page a bit. Just under the Buy Farm Cash & Coins menu, you see a mes-
sage reading “Have a FarmVille Game Card? Click here to redeem.”
Click that link to bring up the Redeem Your Game Card menu, as shown in
Figure 5-3, and then follow these steps to redeem your card:
1. Enter the PIN code from the card in the box labeled Enter PIN Code.
You find this code on the back of your Game Card.
2. Click Next Step.
A confirmation screen appears. Your Farm Cash is automatically e
added to your existing Farm Cash bank.
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