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window that pops up. As happens when you pay using a traditional pay-
ment method, your currency should appear in your FarmVille account in a
few days at most.
Figure 5-2: Nontraditional payment options for purchasing FarmVille currency.
An alternative to paying online:
FarmVille Game Cards
If you're unwilling or unable to use any of the online payment methods discussed
in the last section, you can purchase FarmVille Game Cards at many brick-and-
mortar retailers. You can then redeem these cards online for FarmVille currency.
Although using Game Cards to get FarmVille currency is decidedly less conve-
nient than using the online payment methods, there are a few reasons you might
want to consider it, as discussed in the “Why use Game Cards?” sidebar.
Where to buy FarmVille Game Cards
As of this writing, FarmVille Game Cards are stocked at the following retailers:
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