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FarmVille accepts any valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express,
Discover, or JCB card. You can also use a PayPal account; for more on
using this option, visit or check out PayPal
For Dummies, by Victoria Rosenborg and Marsha Collier(Wiley).
If you've purchased or earned any of Facebook's Credits currency, you
can select the Apply Existing Balance check box to put those Credits
toward your purchase at a rate of 10 cents per Facebook Credit.
Facebook automatically stores any new credit card information you
enter, so you won't have to type it in again the next time you want to
buy FarmVille currency. If you'd like to delete this information from
Facebook for security reasons, go to the Facebook Account Settings
page (under the accounts menu in the upper-right of your Facebook
home page) and click the Payments tab.
3. Enter your credit card information and click Complete Purchase, or
log in to your PayPal account and click Agree and Pay.
Note that this step is skipped if you use an existing credit card already
stored by Facebook.
Farm Cash and Farm Coins are not refundable, meaning you can't con-
vert in-game currency back into cold, hard cash. After you click the
Complete Payment or Agree and Pay button, your money is usable only
in FarmVille, so make sure you don't actually need that cash to pay your
mortgage or gas bill or something before continuing.
After your payment is processed, your Farm Cash or Farm Coins are added
to your current total. The purchased currency usually appears in your
FarmVille account pretty promptly, but note that it can take a few hours or
even a few days for your currency purchase to show up. If your purchased
currency doesn't show up after a few days, see Chapter 13 for details on con-
tacting Zynga support for help.
Using a nontraditional payment provider
Just below the Buy Farm Cash & Coins menu, Zynga provides links to buy
FarmVille currency through a number of less traditional payment methods,
as shown in Figure 5-2. These options let you pay for your currency using a
debit card, cell phone, home phone, existing online payment account, or a
variety of prepaid cards purchased from retail locations.
To use any of these services, click the appropriate link, choose the amount
of Farm Cash you want from the menu, click the Get Farm Cash button,
and then enter the required login or payment information in the browser
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