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Buying Farm Coins and Cash through FarmVille
The FarmVille developers at Zynga have made buying FarmVille currency so
easy that you don't even have to leave the game to do it. Click the Get Farm
Cash tab above the FarmVille play area to display the Buy Farm Cash & Coins
menu, as shown in Figure 5-1. Then follow these steps to add more in-game
currency to your account:
1. Select the amount of Farm Cash or Farm Coins that you want to pur-
chase and click Continue.
Note that spending more money gets you a better in-game exchange
rate. Whereas spending $1 earns only four Farm Cash, for example,
spending $50 earns 310 Farm Cash, or more than six Farm Cash per real
dollar. That in-game money doesn't go bad, either, so plan ahead and
buy in bulk to save.
Figure 5-1: The Buy Farm Coins & Cash menu.
2. Select the appropriate radio button to choose whether to pay with a
new credit card, a previously used credit card, or a PayPal account
and click Continue.
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