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Figure 3.8. Remove operation.
positioned. We can calculate variance of rigid bodies by checking how far away
each rigid body's position is from the average position (see Listing 3.1). The axis
with the largest distance can be selected. Then, an AABB array along only the
selected axis is used to find overlapping pairs.
// Calculate average
Vector average (0.0f ,0.0f ,0.0 f );
for( int i=0;i
numRigidBodies ; i ++)
average .x += position[i ].x;
average .y += position[i ].y;
average .z += position[i ].z;
} average .x /= ( float )numRigidBodies ;
average .y /= ( float )numRigidBodies ;
average .z /= ( float )numRigidBodies ;
// Calculate variance
total distance (0.0f ,0.0f ,0.0f );
Figure 3.9. Parallel sort algorithm.
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