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In-Depth Information
Figure 14.12. The Stanford armadillo model, experiencing secondary deformation—the
vertices at the body region deform strongly, giving the experience of fatty tissue.
Figure 14.13. The surface vertices can be subject to external forces at runtime, resulting in
interactive dynamic deformations.
Final Remarks
In this chapter, we have managed to bring skeleton-driven animation beyond the
purely kinematic approach that is currently used in computer games by develop-
ing a dynamic simulation that enriches the visual experience of the animation.
Although the simulation is based on forces, it is not exactly physics based since
the forces are not modeled on physical laws.
Of course, no technique is suited for all applications—the techniques used
here are not suitable when an accurate modeling of the physical situation is needed.
This is the weak point of this kind of simulation. But it turns out that the impact
on believability in games is immense.
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