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class Preconditioner
{ public:
//Solves the system Px=b
virtual void solve
(Matrix &P, const Vector &b, Vector &x) const ;
//We ensure that this class cannot be instantiate
Preconditioner( void );
virtual ˜Preconditioner( void );
Listing 10.7. The preconditioner class is just a virtual interface.
iteration. The condition number κ ( S ) can be defined as
κ ( S )= λ max min ,
where λ max and λ min are the maximum and the minimum eigenvalues of S .Note
that κ ( S ) depends on S and S depends on the mesh elements. When the mesh
elements are regular, the condition number is smaller. Hence, generating good-
quality meshes is important to obtain the best performance.
Alternatively, we can also reduce the condition number by using a precondi-
tioner P (see Listing 10.7). Now, instead of solving Equation (10.22), we com-
P 1 S x = P 1 b,
κ ( P 1 S )
κ ( S ) .
The product P 1 S is not computed explicitly. Alternatively, in each iteration
step we solve the system
P x = b ,
as is shown in Listing 10.8. Thus, P has to be defined in such a way that Equa-
tion (10.23) can be solved easily. Many preconditioners can be found in the lit-
erature. Normally, the condition number of S is not very high, although a simple
preconditioner can significantly speed up the system. Therefore, we recommend
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