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> go to other side
You go to the other side of the room.
The rope is hanging down from the
cylinder, within your grasp.
> pull rope
As you slowly pull the rope, it locks with the cylinder, making it roll toward
you. Eventually it gets out of the groove and slumps down. It is full with bananas.
> open cylinder
You inspect the cylinder, but it looks like it's welded shut. What kind of a
sadistic joke is this?! The figures behind the glass wall seem to be almost as
excited as you. You wish you could kill them.
> open crate
You return to the other side of the room and try to open the crate. Unfortu-
nately, the lid is stuck now because of the rope. Your hunger reaches its peak and
suddenly fully transforms into something much stronger, much more powerful.
Rage. You *must* kill those people.
> smash glass wall
You smash the glass wall as hard as you can. The people behind it back off a
bit, but the wall shows no signs of yielding. The pain only fuels your rage.
> repeat
(“smash glass wall”) You hit the wall again and again, exhausting yourself
completely. Suddenly, the rage leaves you, leaving a gaping empty hole that sucks
your consciousness in. You pass out.
The short version of the answer is “yes it can.” Let's start going through the
long version by discussing collisions. While free-hanging (and obviously those
strained along a line) ropes have the liberty of being able to try different colli-
sion methods (such as vertex-only and “rigid sticks”), these new ropes need a
system that will allow them to quickly wrap around objects and form sharp cor-
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