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An obvious restriction is, of course, that this method cannot handle ropes that
wrap around other objects in a strained state. Or can it?
A familiar feeling wakes you up. Hunger. You get up, but something feels
unusual; it is as if some force pushed you down, making you use your arms to
support yourself. Your arms... they are covered with fur. What is going on here?
Were you always like this? You try to remember, but your past, which you thought
was clear and full with details, eludes you the moment you try to focus on any
particular piece; it feels like trying to recall a fleeting dream. And who are those
people behind the glass wall?
> look around
You are in a large room, divided into two parts by a tall thick wall. There's
a wide doorway in it. On the top of the wall, in a long groove, lies a transparent
plexiglass cylinder. It has bananas inside. Next to you there's another plexiglass
crate with bananas and a coil of rope.
> open crate
Surprisingly, the crate on the floor opens freely. The bananas are yours to
grab now. But it can't be that easy, can it? Something is not right here.
> save
Game saved
> eat bananas
You gorge on the bananas. It feels almost like a small nuclear explosion when
their soft sweet pulp and your hunger meet inside you, annihilating each other. A
familiar dizziness overwhelms you. But there's still a crate on top of the wall. You
know you must get it and fight the sleep off.
> throw crate at cylinder
You try to hit the cylinder with the crate, but the crate's still too heavy for you
to throw hard enough. It barely touches the cylinder and slides back.
> load
Game loaded
> put rope end into crate
You take a loose rope end and put it inside the open crate.
> close crate
The lid snaps into place, firmly trapping the rope end inside the crate. You
see some movement behind the glass wall with your peripheral vision. Do they do
that when you do something right?
> throw rope above cylinder
You throw the rest of the rope above the wall so that it lands on top of the
cylinder and then falls down on the other side of the wall. Luckily, the rope is long
enough. Those bastards behind the wall might not be as cruel as you thought.
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