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> eat bananas
You hastily eat the bananas you have, which appeases the hunger... but only
momentarily. If anything, it seems to have stirred it up instead. You notice two
figures behind the glass wall talking to each other. One of them seems to shake
his head.
> take rope
You grab the rope's end, hanging next to the glass pane.
> throw rope to box
You try to throw the rope so that it lands next to the metal box, but it immedi-
ately slides back.
> load
Game loaded
> take small bunch
You take the small bunch; there are three bananas in it. You can barely control
> tie bunch to rope
You tie the bananas you have to the free end of the rope, desperately fighting
off the hunger.
> throw bananas to box
You try to throw the bananas so that they land next to the metal box. It takes
a couple of tries, but you succeed eventually. You can see the people behind the
glass wall talking. They seem rather excited.
> tie rope to box
The rope is still tied to the bananas.
> untie rope
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