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Figure 2-4. Cannon orientation
Using these angles, it follows that the projection, b , of the cannon length, L , onto the x-
z plane is:
b = L cos(90° - α)
and the components of the cannon length, L , on each coordinate axis are:
Lx = b cos γ
Ly = L cos α
Lz = b sin γ
Now that you have the information required to compute direction cosines, you can write
equations for the initial muzzle velocity components as follows:
v mx = v m cos θ x
v my = v m cos θ y
v mz = v m cos θ z
Finally, you can write the x components of displacement, velocity, and acceleration as
a x = 0
v x = v mx = v m cos θ x
x = v x t = (v m cos θ x ) t
Y Components
The y components are just like the previous rifle example, again with the exception here
of the initial velocity in the y-direction:
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