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Now, besides those implications to games involving space flight or high-velocity travel,
time dilation is also important to some surprising digital electronic applications. For
instance, the Global Positioning System (GPS), described in detail in Chapter 22 , must
take relativistic time dilation into account when calculating position. The satellite's high
speed slows the clock compared to your watch on Earth; however, being farther up the
Earth's gravity causes it to tick faster than a terrestrial clock. The specifics of this com‐
bined effect are discussed in Chapter 22 .
Another point you might find interesting is that it is now easy to see how the “you can't
travel faster than light” rule is a result of the theory of relativity. Should you accelerate
such that your velocity, v , is equal to c , the Lorentz transformation attempts to divide
by zero. For games where faster-than-light travel is a practical necessity, you will have
to imagine a mechanism to prevent this but be able to break the rules with style.
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