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A wise old professor once told us that it is not important to know the answers to ev‐
erything as long as you know where to find the answers when you need them. In that
spirit, we've compiled a list of references to topics, articles, and Internet resources that
you might find useful when looking for additional information on the various topics
discussed throughout this topic. We've tried to categorize them as best we could, how‐
ever, keep in mind that several references cover more than just the subject matter re‐
ferred to in the category headings we've assigned.
General Physics and Dynamics
Anand, D. K., and, Cunniff, P. F., Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics , Houghton Mifflin
Company, Boston, 1973.
Beer, Ferdinand P., and, Johnston, E. Russell Jr., Vector Mechanics for Engineers ,
McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1988.
Dugas, Rene, A History of Mechanics , Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1988.
Ginsberg, Jerry H., Advanced Engineering Dynamics , Cambridge University Press, New
York, 1995.
Lindeburg, Michael R., Engineer-in-Training Reference Manual , Professional Publica‐
tions, Inc., Belmont, CA, 1990.
Meriam, J. L., and, Kraige, L. G., Engineering Mechanics, Volume 2, Dynamics , John
Wiley & Sons, New York, 1987.
Rothbart, Harold A., Editor, Mechanical Design Handbook , McGraw-Hill, New York,
Serway, Raymond A., Physics for Scientists & Engineers , Saunders College Publishing,
New York, 1986.
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