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q.n*v.z + q.v.y*v.x - q.v.x*v.y);
Scalar Division: The / Operator
This operator simply divides each component in the quaternion by the scalar s :
inline Quaternion operator/(Quaternion q, float s)
return Quaternion(q.n/s, q.v.x/s, q.v.y/s, q.v.z/s);
This function 1 extracts the angle of rotation about the axis represented by the vector
part of the quaternion:
inline float QGetAngle(Quaternion q)
return (float) (2*acos(q.n));
This function returns a unit vector along the axis of rotation represented by the vector
part of the quaternion q :
inline Vector QGetAxis(Quaternion q)
Vector v;
float m;
v = q.GetVector();
m = v.Magnitude();
if (m <= tol)
return Vector();
return v/m;
This function rotates the quaternion p by q according to the formula:
p ' = ( q )( p )(~ q )
1. For a description of how quaternions are used to represent rotation, refer to the section “Quaternions” on
page 232 in Chapter 11 .
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