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Vector Subtraction: The −= Operator
This subtraction operator is used to subtract the passed vector from the current one,
which is performed on a component-by-component basis. Vector subtraction is very
similar to vector addition except that you take the reverse of the second vector and add
it to the first, as illustrated in Figure A-5 .
Figure A-5. Vector subtraction
Here's the code that subtracts vector u from our Vector class vector:
inline Vector& Vector::operator-=(Vector u)
x -= u.x;
y -= u.y;
z -= u.z;
return *this;
Scalar Multiplication: The *= Operator
This is the scalar multiplication operator that's used to multiply a vector by a scalar,
effectively scaling the vector's length. When you multiply a vector by a scalar, you simply
multiply each vector component by the scalar quantity to obtain the new vector. The
new vector points in the same direction as the unscaled one, but its length will be dif‐
ferent (unless the scale factor is 1). This is illustrated in Figure A-6 .
Figure A-6. Scalar multiplication
Here's the code that scales our Vector class vector:
inline Vector& Vector::operator*=(float s)
x *= s;
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