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Vector Operations
This appendix implements a class called Vector that encapsulates all of the vector op‐
erations that you need when writing 2D or 3D rigid-body simulations. Although Vec
tor represents 3D vectors, you can easily reduce it to handle 2D vectors by eliminating
all of the z terms or simply constraining the z terms to 0 where appropriate in your
Vector Class
The Vector class is defined with three components— x , y , and z —along with several
methods and operators that implement basic vector operations. The class has two con‐
structors, one of which initializes the vector components to 0, and the other of which
initializes the vector components to those passed to the constructor:
// Vector Class and vector functions
class Vector {
float x;
float y;
float z;
Vector(float xi, float yi, float zi);
float Magnitude(void);
void Normalize(void);
void Reverse(void);
Vector& operator+=(Vector u);
Vector& operator-=(Vector u);
Vector& operator*=(float s);
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