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Connecting Objects
Simulating particles and rigid bodies is great fun, and with these simple entities you can
achieve a wide variety of effects or simulate a wide variety of objects. In this chapter
we'll take things a step further, showing you how to simulate connected particles and
rigid bodies. Doing so opens a whole new realm of possibilities. In this topic's first
edition, David showed you how to use springs and particles to simulate cloth. Chap‐
ter 17 in the first edition covers that, and the corresponding “Cloth Simulation” example
on the topic's website implements the model. As shown in Figure 13-1 , the flag model
is simply a collection of particles initially laid out in a grid pattern connected by linear
springs that are then rendered to look like cloth. The springs give structure to the par‐
ticles, keeping them organized in a mesh that can be rendered while allowing them to
move, emulating the movement of a flowing fabric.
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