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On the PlayStation 3, we generate the reflection texture in the RGBA half16
format. The texture generation costs between 0.10 ms and 0.33 ms, with an
average of 0.17 ms. The mipmap generation costs 0.16 ms. The process is render-
output-bound due to the use of RGBA half16.
On the Xbox 360 we use the 10-bit float 7e3 format. The texture generation
costs between 0.06 ms and 0.24 ms with an average of 0.1 ms.
The mipmap
generation costs 0.09 ms.
Conclusion and Future Work
We have presented a good alternative to real-time 2D reflections applied to planar
objects to simulate specular and/or glossy materials. Our approach is fast and
practical and can be used in conjunction with other techniques such as local IBL.
It has been used in production in our game targeting current generation consoles.
A video showing various best practices and use cases of our technique is available
on the accompanying CD.
The technique is satisfying but could be improved in a number of ways:
First, using a cubemap reflection texture instead of a 2D reflection texture
will improve the accuracy of the reflection distortion with rough surfaces at the
cost of doing the process six times and requiring more time to generate mipmap.
It should be highlighted that this still does not provide the correct result because
we are generating the cubemap reflection texture only for normals perpendicular
to the reflection plane. Using it for shifted normals introduces a distortion that
increases with the angle between the normal and the plane normal (Figure 1.12)
[Lagarde and Zanuttini 12]. Another parameterization, more ecient but with
the same benefits, could be a dual paraboloid map [Scherzer et al. 12]. This will
require tessellating our geometry proxies to limit the projection warping artifacts
and rotating the lighting to local space aligned on the reflection plane's normal.
Figure 1.12. Our cubemap reflection is only valid for pixels with a normal vector
perpendicular to the ground (left). For perturbed normals, the intersection requires
moving the reflected camera's position (right).
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