Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
[Kihl 10] Robert Kihl. “Destruction Masking in Frostbite 2 Using Volume
Distance Fields.” SIGGRAPH Course: Advances in Real-Time Rendering
in 3D Graphics and Games, Los Angeles, CA, July 2010. (Available at
Course).pdf. )
[Reis 10] Aurelio Reis. “Real-Time Character Dismemberment.” In Game En-
gine Gems 1 , edited by Eric Lengyel, Chapter 19. Burlington, MA: Jones and
Bartlett Publishers, 2010.
[Vlachos 10] Alex Vlachos. “Rendering Wounds in Left 4 Dead 2.” Presen-
tation, Game Developers Conference 2010, San Francisco, CA, March 9,
2010. (Available at
vlachos l4d2wounds.pdf. )
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