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Figure 3.3. Recommended settings for the “Apply Color” command in Maya.
“Operation” should be set to “Replace color” or else the applied color may not
be the same as the one selected in the option box (see Figure 3.3).
In Softimage, the same result can be achieved by using the “Paint Vertex Color
Tool” under “Property
Map Paint Tools.” Color and other painting options can
be set through the “Brush Properties” under the same menu (see Figure 3.4).
The following recommended options can be set under the “Vertex Color” tab in
the brush property page:
Color Paint Method to Raycast.
Bleeding to Polygon.
These values allow the artist to paint colors on polygons quickly without being
afraid of bleeding on vertices of adjacent polygons.
Finally, in 3dsMax, one can add the “VertexPaint” modifier to the object.
This will open a floating window where the artist can control brush options. The
“Opacity” value should be set to 100 to get the exact selected color. Then the
Figure 3.4. Recommended settings for “Brush Properties” in Softimage.
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