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Figure 1.7. Aspects reinterpret the scene structure as required.
1.4.2 Node Interfaces
When presented with a new subgraph, an aspect inspects the nodes within, query-
ing for patterns of data that would indicate that the node represents a concept
that the aspect recognizes. This pattern of attributes can be thought of as an
interface that the node exports via a subset of its attributes (Figure 1.8).
In most cases these interfaces will be predefined by the aspect, mapping di-
rectly to objects within their functional domain. An audio aspect might interpret
nodes as potential sound emitters, receivers, or environmental modifiers. While
an animation aspect will be interested in nodes representing bones or skinned
mesh segments.
Physics Aspect
Rigid Body
Node ID
Matrix, wM
Matrix, wM
Matrix, Local
Matrix, Local
Ref, Geometry Inst.
Ref, Material Inst.
ID, Rigid Body ID
ID, Rigid Body ID
Figure 1.8. Aspects reinterpret nodes based on the attributes they exhibit.
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