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Welcome to the Game Engine Design section of this edition of GPU Pro. The
selection of articles you will find in here covers various aspects of engine design,
such as quality and optimization, in addition to high-level architecture.
First, Donald Revie brings his experience of engine design in his article “An
Aspect-Based Engine Architecture.” Aspect-based engines apply the principles
of component design and object-orientedprogramming(OOP)onanenginelevel
by constructing the engine using modules. Such architecture is well suited to
small or distributed teams who cannot afford to establish a dedicated structure
to design and manage all the elements of their engine but would still like to
take advantage of the benefits that developing their own technology provides.
The highly modular nature allows for changes in development direction or the
accommodation of multiple projects with widely varying requirements.
In the article “Kinect Programming with Direct3D 11,” Jason Zink provides
a walkthrough into this emerging technology by explaining the hardware and
software aspects of the Kinect device. The article seeks to provide the theoretical
underpinnings needed to use the visual and skeletal data streams of the Kinect,
and it also provides practical methods for processing and using this data with the
Direct3D 11 API. In addition, it explores how this data can be used in real-time
rendering scenarios to provide novel interaction systems.
Finally, Homam Bahnassi and Wessam Bahnassi present a description of a
full pipeline for implementing structural damage to characters and other envi-
ronmental objects in the article “A Pipeline for Authored Structural Damage.”
The article covers details for a full pipeline from mesh authoring to displaying
pixels on the screen, with qualities including artist-friendliness, eciency, and
I would like to thank the authors who contributed to this section for their
great work. I would like also to extend these thanks to my wife Suzan, my son
Omar, and my brother Homam for their wonderful support.
I hope you find these articles inspiring and enlightening to your rendering and
engine development work.
—Wessam Bahnassi
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