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__global__ void grad_shock( const gpu_plm2<float4> st,
const gpu_plm2< float > sign,
float radius,
gpu_plm2<float4> dst )
const int ix = blockDim.x * blockIdx.x + threadIdx.x;
const int iy = blockDim.y * blockIdx.y + threadIdx.y;
if (ix >= dst.w || iy >= dst.h) return ;
minmax_impl_t mm( make_float2 (ix + 0.5f, iy + 0.5f));
float2 n = st_major_ev(st(ix, iy));
float s = sign(ix, iy);
if (s < 0) {<MAX_FLT>(n, radius);
} else if (s > 0) {<MIN_FLT>(n, radius);
dst(ix, iy) = tex2D (texSRC, mm.p_.x, mm.p_.y);
Listing 5.7. Implementation of the gradient-directed shock filter.
interpolation. Due to the unit step size, this results in a linear interpolation of
two neighboring pixels and allows for ecient implementation on GPUs using
texturing hardware.
The erosion and dilation operations are implemented as directional neighbor-
hood filters as well.
Let f denote the input image, and let x 0
be the current
point, then the gradient-directed shock filter is defined as
x Λ r ( x 0 )
f ( x ) f z ( x 0 ) > + τ s ,
x Λ r ( x 0 )
f ( x ) f z ( x 0 ) <
τ s ,
f ( x 0 )
otherwise .
Determination of the minimum and maximum is performed based on the corre-
sponding gray values. The filter neighborhood Λ r is defined as the set of pixels
with a distance less than r from x 0
by the major eigenvector. The implementation is shown in Listings 5.7 and 5.8 .
Again, a constant step size with a unit size in either horizontal or vertical direction
is used. Bilinear interpolation, however, is not appropriate for the computation
of the minimum or maximum; therefore, the two neighboring pixels are sampled
explicitly, using nearest-neighbor sampling. Through a small correction of the
sampling offset, the correct sampling of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines is
assured as well.
For the radius, typically r = 2 is used. The parameter τ s controls the sen-
sitivity to noise and is typically set to τ s
intersecting the line
x 0 + λη ( x 0 )
[0 , 0 . 01]. Since a scale-normalized
LoG is used, τ s does not depend upon σ g .
The threshold effectively prevents
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