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You may be asking at this point
Why would you have not just
used that version of the library?
I used the open source, tradition-
ally ported version because it is updated more often (as of this
writing) and it allows those interested in digging further to examine
code, and even if it did, it would likely not be as readable as a
line-by-line port. Because the syntax is slightly different in a few
cases, switching to the Alchemy version is not as simple as swap-
ping out library references. However, it would make an excellent
exercise to port this air hockey game to the Alchemy version
excellent exercise for you, my dear reader, that is.
ve reached the end of the examples in this topic, congratulations!
I hope you feel empowered to take on a Flash game of your own,
regardless of the platform. Also, don
t forget that there are additional
bonus chapters and appendices available on www.flashgamebook
.com , covering topics such as localization into other languages, JSFL
Flash IDE scripting, creating back-end services with PHP, security,
and more. Simply download them to your computer and continue
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