Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
found the free StarUML ( ) to be a solid title and
fairly straightforward. Also, an Adobe employee has created a tutor-
ial showing how to generate stub code from your diagrams much
the same way gModeler did. These resources are available on .
I know this seems like a lot of steps just to get started if you
Though I haven
t found my equivalent for
gModeler AS3,
not used to this level of planning. Trust me, it will not only get
easier and more natural as you figure out what works best for you,
but you will find that less surprises pop up down the road. Now
that you have your plan firmly in hand, it
s time to open that copy
of Flash.
A quick review of the planning steps:
One-two sentence description
A game screen wireframe/flow
List of game mechanics
List of assets: art, animation, sound, video, and copy
Technical requirements
UML class diagrams
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