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taxes the CPU is more justifiable than a bunch of real-time special
effects, such as shadows, glows, etc., which look nice but don
t add
any real gameplay value. You and your client
s mileage may vary,
but experience has shown me that the lower you set your technical
barrier to entry the more people will play your game.
Next come the server-side requirements for your game. For sim-
ple games with no data that needs to be saved from session to ses-
your game
more robust functionality out of games on the Web. The ability to
save their high scores and even maintain a profile for larger games
is very popular, as it gives players bragging rights when they do
well and often affords some level of personalization.
Depending on whether you
re doing the back-end integration
(server-side scripts, database work, etc.) or you work with a team,
this list of requirements may look very different. If you work at a
company with a team that already has a database infrastructure in
place, your requirements may look something like the following:
Methods Required
Save score
Parameters: score
number, initals
string, security hash
Returns 0 for success,
1 for error
Load score table
Parameters: size
Returns list of initials and scores, highest to lowest
Based on the wireframe example, we have created throughout the
previous steps, these two methods (or functions) are all you will
need to post a player
first method, saving the score, would receive the player
their initials, and a security hash (which is covered in-depth in the
online bonus chapter
). The second method, used
when viewing the high-score table, would receive a table size (like
10, 20, etc.) for the number of results to return. Regardless of
whether your team works in PHP, .NET, or some other back-end
language, this simple listing will let them know what code they
need to expose to Flash in order for the game to perform its
If you will be building these scripts yourself, and don
On Your Guard
have a system in place for doing so, you
ll need to set up a data-
base structure to house all your game
s data. If you are new to this
area of development but want to learn, I recommend starting with
PHP. It is free, it is fast, and it is relatively easy to pick up. There
are also many resources in topics and on the Web for how to save
data into a database with PHP.
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