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be treated programmatically similarly to hazards, except that the
player would want to collide with them. Maybe they
re worth
points. Maybe they
re power-ups that make the ball temporarily
invulnerable to hazards. Maybe they
re required to exit the level.
How ever they
re implemented, this would bring a whole new
dimension to Marble Runner
s gameplay.
Scrolling Levels
In an early version of Marble Runner, I actually had this feature
implemented. Levels could be designed larger than the iPhone
screen size and the whole engine clip would reposition itself to
keep the ball centered in the frame as much as possible. While this
was not technically challenging to include, I removed it when run-
ning into performance problems on the iPhone. All of the redraw-
ing that occurred was very tasking on the iPhone and I felt it was
in the best interest of the example to remove it. There are other
alternatives for drawing the level to the screen that would be more
complicated, but I
ll leave that up to your ingenuity.
That concludes our look at Marble Runner. If you decide to make
a full-fledged game with this engine, please let me know. I
d love to
feature such a game on . In Chapter 16 the
final chapter, we
Android devices, which will cover a handful of new topics.
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