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Figure 15.12 The texture used
is actually four copies of the
same texture in quadrants.
public var shine:Sprite;
public var texture:Sprite;
private var _vx:Number = 0;
private var _vy:Number = 0;
private var _textureOffsetX:Number;
private var _textureOffsetY:Number;
public function Marble()
_textureOffsetX = shine.width/2;
_textureOffsetY = shine.height/2;
are inside Sprites on the Stage. The shine also has cacheAsBitmap
turned on inside Flash though it could have just as easily been
enabled here in the code. The two-texture offset values represent
the coordinates at which the texture Sprite needs to have its posi-
tion reset. We
Both the texture and the three-dimensional effect (or
ll use these in a moment.
override public function getRect(coordinateSpace:DisplayObject):
return shine.getRect(coordinateSpace);
One quirk of DisplayObjects in Flash is that even areas outside
of a mask count toward the calculated dimensions of an object.
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