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runtime like in the Flash Player. As I mentioned earlier, it is
compiled ahead-of-time (AOT) into iOS machine code along with
the standard Flash libraries. In this entirely different process, cer-
tain elements of ActionScript are slower and performance of code
becomes essential to maintaining responsiveness and a decent
frame rate in your games. We
ll now look at the best practices to
follow when coding games for the iPhone.
Declare Your Types
This first and most basic practice should be familiar to anyone who
has read any programming topics (or Chapter 4 of this topic), but
the importance of it is magnified in Flash on the iPhone. When you
declare a variable to be of a specific type, you are allocating a speci-
fic amount of memory for that object, as well as keeping the runtime
code from having to look up the variable in a table in memory.
var myString:String =
always be sure to specify
the types of parameters a method accepts, as well as a return type.
Avoid this use of dynamic arguments except when critically necessary.
This also applies to method signatures
private function doSomething(arg1:int, arg2:String):void
private function doSomething(...args)
While this seems elementary, it makes a huge difference to both
already typing your variables in AS3, you really should be ashamed
Use Static Properties and Functions
When a member variable or function of a class is static , only one
instance of it is ever created for the class. Many of the variables
and methods used by a class will only make sense within the con-
text of a specific instance of that class, but any values that are con-
stant across all instances should become static. Here are a couple
of examples:
private static const MAX_SPEED:int = 10;
private static const MAX_AMMO:int = 20;
private var _health:int = 100;
Assume the three lines above were part of an Enemy class for a
game. The first two, MAX_SPEED and MAX_AMMO, are not going to
change per Enemy instance; they are universal across all Enemies, so
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