Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
public function get tempY():Number {
return _tempY;
public function set tempY(value:Number):void {
_tempY = value;
public function get motion():Vector3D {
return _motion;
public function get receivesForces():Boolean {
return false;
public function get gridReference():GridReference {
return _gridReference;
public function set gridReference(value:Grid
Reference):void {
_gridReference = value;
public function update():void {
override public function get hitArea():Sprite {
return this;
There is one aspect of note in this implementation; the motion
vector is entirely arbitrary. Because this does not affect the engine
code, we can set the enemy
s speed to any value we want.
The Item Class
This class implements the IItem interface.
package example {
import com.flashgamebook.engines.platformer.sprites.
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