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Figure 2.4
The Activity Monitor
on a Mac.
package, the frame rate component, and other optimizations in
Chapter 17.
Flaw: Debugging Content
Adobe greatly improved the debugger from AS2 to AS3, but it still
has a number of flaws when it comes to working with larger
projects. As projects get larger and larger and rely on external
files, it becomes difficult to debugcomplexproblems.Youcan
remotely debug content running in a browser, but it is not always
100% stable, and any child SWFs that have not been exported for
debugging (such as files that perhaps aren
t under your control)
t have the necessary information needed to find the problem.
ve had content that works fine within Flash and falls apart once
it is on a Web server; the results of which are a bug hunt in the
dark and a lot of head scratching. Needless to say this becomes
even more frustrating with games, which rely so heavily on lots
and lots of code.
Solution: Use Traces and Custom Tools
The single most helpful tool in debugging Flash content is
the trace command; it has been around since Flash 4 and works
essentially the same way it did those many years ago. All it does
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