Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 2.2
The built-in ActionScript editor in Flash CS5.
on a daily basis. If you want to create content in Flex, or you
already own a copy of Flash Builder, it is an equally robust solution
with some really great additional features such as
lines of code that you
re actively working on. The extra step of
switching back to CS5 to publish your SWF will pale in comparison
with the amazingly good code hinting and other scripting enhance-
ments these programs offer.
Flaw: Performance/Memory Management
As Flash games continue to grow in size and complexity, they
require heftier hardware to run well. Most other modern develop-
ment environments include tools for benchmarking a game
sumption of system resources such as CPU power and memory.
Flash does not have any features like this, so it is harder to predict
without real-world testing how well a game will perform on a range
of systems or what its minimum requirements should be.
Solution: Use a Third-Party Solution or Roll
Your Own
The Task Manager in Windows and the Activity Monitor on a Mac
are great system-level tools that everyone has for monitoring the
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