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public class Tunnel extends Sprite {
protected var _radius:Number;
protected var _sides:int, _depth:int;
protected var _tileWidth:Number, _tileHeight:Number;
protected var _tunnelTiles:Array;
protected var _highlightIndex:int = -1;
There are some basic properties we will need to track during
and after creation of the tunnel. Even though it is not a circle, the
radius will keep track of the distance of each tile from the center of
the tunnel. We also need to know the number of sides the tunnel
has, as well as how many tiles deep it extends. The _tunnelTiles
array will keep track of all the tiles so they can be referenced later.
Finally, the _highlightIndex property will be used later when we
want to light up a set of tiles.
public function Tunnel(radius:Number, depth:int=10, sides:int=8)
_radius = radius;
_sides = sides;
_depth = depth;
In the constructor, we pass the radius of the tunnel, as well as
how many tiles deep and around the tunnel are. After that we call
createTunnel , which we will look at next.
protected function createTunnel():void {
_tunnelTiles = new Array();
var tempTile:TunnelTile = new TunnelTile();
_tileHeight = tempTile.height;
_tileWidth = (_radius * Math.tan(Math.PI/_sides)) * 2;
var angle:Number = (Math.PI * 2) / _sides;
for (var j:int = 0; j < _depth; j++) {
var tileSet:Array = new Array();
for (var i:int = 0; i < _sides; i++) {
tempTile = new TunnelTile();
tempTile.width = _tileWidth;
tempTile.x = Math.cos(i*angle) * _radius;
tempTile.y = Math.sin(i*angle) * _radius;
tempTile.z = j * _tileHeight;
tempTile.rotationX = 90;
tempTile.rotationZ = i * Math.round(radiansToDegrees
(angle)) + 90;
var ct:ColorTransform = tempTile.transform.
ct.redMultiplier *= (_depth - j)/_depth;
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