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Figure 9.3
You can customize the presets for the video to suit your needs.
of the format is the Preset column. If you were using a standard pre-
set for the video, you could select it from the preset list. In our case,
we want to select the very first option in the preset list,
F4V Same as
This setting will produce an H.264 Flash video file with the
same dimensions and audio settings as the original file (in this case,
game, we don
t need that level of quality. Click just to the right of the
drop-down arrow to customize the settings.
In the lower-right quadrant of the window, you will see a five-
tabbed panel for adjusting the settings of the encoder. Select the
Video tab and check Resize Video. A good rule of thumb for
cutscenes (and video in general) in Flash is that you can very often
get away with encoding it between one-half and two-thirds the size
of the original and can scale the video in Flash without drastic
quality loss. Your tolerance of the compression may vary, but in
this case we
255. Scroll
down in the video panel until you reach the Bitrate Settings. Select
VBR, 2 Pass (meaning the encoder will double-check its work to
re going to set the dimensions to 470
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