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Pseudocode is nothing more than a standard language explanation
of a series of programmatic steps, which is like a summary of your
logic. Throughout some of the examples in this topic, you
ll find that
I sometimes break down the logic in a game in pseudocode before
typing any actual ActionScript. It is easy to get too caught up in the
syntax of programming and overlook a flaw in the logic, so it is
almost always simpler to break down a problem in English before
tackling it as actual code. Often my pseudocode will become the
foundation for the names of my functions and properties.
An algorithm is nothing more than a series of instructions and
decisions that define the solution to a problem. They are not code or
language specific, and therefore they make sense in plain English.
For instance, an algorithm could be as straightforward as the process
that takes place when a program sorts a list of words by their length.
Here is what that might look like in pseudocode:
for all in wordlist
sort by length
sort by length (word A, word B)
if A.length > B.length
return B
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