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More casual strategy games, like most created in Flash, simplify
gameplay by reducing the number of options available and focusing
on a couple of main tasks. A popular example of the casual strategy
subgenre is tower defense games, where the player must stop
enemies from getting past their defenses using a variety of different
weapons placed strategically.
Role-Playing Game (RPG)
RPGs are similar to adventure games, but they are normally defined
more by the growth of the main character throughout the course of
the game
s story. Traditionally, RPGs take place in a fantasy setting
and center around the player
s statistical development, such as
improving traits such as strength, intelligence, agility. The most
popular recent incarnation of these games has been in massively mul-
tiplayer online RPGs (MMORPGs), where players compete against
and collaborate with each other to develop their characters. Because
of the social and Web-based aspects, a few Flash MMORPGs have
begun to emerge. However, these games are typically costly and have
long-development cycles, making them riskier ventures for companies
and infeasible for individual developers.
Vehicle Games
These games are pretty self-explanatory; they revolve around
the operation of a vehicle on land, in water, in air, or in space. Tradi-
tionally, these games are played from a first- or third-person perspec-
tive to achieve a sense of realism. Because of system requirements
and the complexity of building a full 3D environment in Flash, most
casual games in this genre feature a two-dimensional game view.
Board/Card-Based Games
Usually a digital incarnation of a real-world game, this category can
consist of games such as chess, checkers, blackjack, and poker.
Because of the low system requirements, Flash is a great platform
for creating most board and card games, as is evidenced by the
large number of casino-style game sites on the Web.
General Development Terms
Computer science is a difficult field of study and definitely not
for everyone who simply wants to make games. However, a funda-
mental understanding of some of the core concepts of program-
ming helps later when we
re dissecting a game piece by piece. Yes
s dry and occasionally tedious sounding, but I promise that fun
stuff will follow!
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