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Figure 6.11 Using Flash CS5.5's
new Convert to Bitmap option.
actually outputs is a Sprite or MovieClip object that contains a shape
with a bitmap fill. I presume this was done to allow you to give the
symbol a name on the stage and have that name still reference it cor-
rectly at runtime. However, it has the drawback that if you wanted to
s not an option
Key Points to Remember
s very easy when working with a lot of images in a game for
users to get out of hand quickly, both in disorganization and file
Be vigilant about keeping tabs on your images throughout the
development process.
Keep series of images organized in folders in your library.
Keep images organized in the file system, so you can do
in Flash rather than having to re-import them all over
again if anything changes.
Err on the side of smaller, both in dimension and file size,
particularly with full-framerate animations.
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