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Figure 6.10 Bitmap Smoothing
(on the left) can make a big
difference, particularly in
images with fine details.
nice set of vector tools that export easily into Flash. Over the years,
ve also worked with artists who like Adobe Illustrator, but I find it
to be overkill for the level of detail needed in most games and not
all the effects (like complex blends and gradients) will translate
well to Flash.
Possibly, the two most exciting
features to be included in Flash CS5.5 will change how you make the
decision to use vector or raster assets. Although they have similar names,
they behave very differently in practice. The first option, known as Con-
vert to Bitmap, allows you to select any display object on stage, be it a
raw shape or a symbol with lots of children, and convert it to a flattened
bitmap. If the object is already a symbol in your library (recommended),
you can still reference and modify the symbol. This is immensely helpful
if you
and game development friendly
re working with game that was created in Flash using complex vec-
tor shapes, filters, etc., and all you really need is a nice clean bitmap at
runtime. To use it, simply select the stage object you want to convert,
right-click on it with the mouse, and select Convert to Bitmap, as shown
in Figure 6.11 . Because the bitmap is in your library now, you can also
export it for use with ActionScript.
Alternatively, perhaps you need to maintain the fidelity of the origi-
nal art because it is changing frequently and/or you don
t need the bit-
map data to be available in code. Under the Property Inspector for any
symbol on the stage, where you used to set the Cache as Bitmap option,
you can now select Export as Bitmap (shown in Figure 6.12 ). This will
maintain the fidelity of the object in Flash but flatten it to a bitmap
when the SWF is created. This is an extremely powerful tool because it
allows you to create user interface elements in vector format that you
can scale and size as necessary and have it ultimately output a more
efficient bitmap in the SWF. It should be pointed out that this option
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