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Raster Formats to Use
The two best raster formats to use in Flash are JPEG and PNG.
JPEGs are great when you don
t need any transparency because
the compression level and quality you can get out of external pro-
grams like Photoshop is better than what Flash will perform intern-
ally. Because of their lack of transparency, they also have a lower
overhead on the Flash renderer. PNGs are the best solution when
you need transparency in your images, but they cost more in file
size and in processor power.
Most projects will be a blend of the two formats. Whenever pos-
sible, it
s a good idea to use a JPEG for any assets that can function
in a rectangular format without any transparency. This includes the
Game and menu screen backgrounds
Images that are going to be used as a texture in a bitmap fill
Art that is going to get masked inside of another shape
Overlays that will be used for some type of graphical effect over
the game, like static or interference
PNGs are the best choice for clean transparency and are better
for the smaller elements in a game, including as follows:
Characters, especially those that are animated
In-game elements that need to be separated from the
User interface elements like buttons and other irregular shapes
Any image that has fine lines and needs pixel-perfect accuracy;
JPEGs have a tendency to blur or muddy pixel-fine details in an
Figure 6.3 The background art
for a game, saved as a JPEG
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