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This category encompasses a large number of gameplay perspec-
tives and subgenres, but usually action games consist of tests of
dexterity, reaction time, and quick-wittedness under pres-
sure. First-person shooters, side and vertical scrolling games, and
fighting games all fall into the action genre. Flash lends itself very
well to some of the subgenres of this category, particularly retro-
style action games such as Space Invaders or Super Mario
Think Tetris, Bejeweled, Sudoku, and the list goes on. Games that
involve logic, problem solving, pattern matching, or all of the above
fall into this game type. Flash thrives in this genre for a couple of rea-
sons. First, there
s generally a lower amount of art needed for a simple
puzzle game, meaning individual developers can often do it them-
selves. Second, the core casual gaming audience on the Web tends to
be older and appreciate the generally slower pace of puzzle games.
Word Games
This category could be considered a subgenre of puzzles, but the
approach to building them can be different enough that I thought
they deserved their own space. Word searches, crossword puzzles,
spelling games, and anagrams all belong to this genre. Flash is a
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