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Figure 17. High level diagram of integrating a problem solving technique
the results may be passed to the Action subsystem
which sends instructions to the player's effectors.
To integrate a new problem solving technique,
we must:
within the computer game “world” (for example,
an electronic mediator), we must define these
items in the scenario definition.
Definition Changes
1. Look at the input requirements of the selected
problem solving technique.
2. Cross reference these requirements with what
is available as part of the message structure.
3. Items that are not available as part of the
message structure need to be evaluated to
determine if additional information may be
retrieved from the cognitive data layer, or
from another external source.
Integrating a different problem-solving technique
may change the way in which the scenario is
defined. In particular, adding additional physical
items to the play scenario.
Maintaining Specific Technique Data
Some decision-making techniques shall rely upon
an internal store of information. With the fuzzy-
logic example, this data includes all the rules
necessary to evaluate input information.
If a particular technique requires additional
external elements beyond the cognitive layer
such as the manipulation of another item defined
Table 2. Mapping message structure elements to technique input requirements
Technique Mapping
Related Item:
Coffee, $10:
(Analysis process assigns attribute price, $10)
Fuzzy process for: Coffee
Linguistic variable: Affordable
Crisp Value: 10.00
Evaluate: Affordable
Message Type:
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