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Figure 15. The Analysis subsystem provides additional related information to the message structure
While other parts of the integration process
do not require a highly technical level of expertise,
the integration and interface mapping process
currently requires some programming skills to
map the internal structured message to and from
the required interface of the problem-solving
Software code is used to implement the inter-
face, allowing the mapping of structured mes-
sages to the input requirements of the integrated
problem-solving technique.
In order to achieve this, a mapping must be
determined between the information found in a
structured message, and the specific input require-
ments of the technique's software implementation.
For example “Daniel, is this coffee affordable?”
(see Table 2).
Conversely, once results are received from the
problem solving technique software, it must then
be mapped back to the structured message so that
The analysis process involves the association of
related data and determining the context of the
input message.
From a technical perspective, context and
related information is added to the message struc-
ture as additional related information.
Once an input obtained from the sensors is relayed
to the decision making subsystem, the message
structure contains information about the original
message in a structured format.
Inside the decision-making subsystem, an
interface is provided that allows for the construc-
tion of an interfacing component which is used to
transfer data between the decision-making module
and the supporting elements of the subsystem.
Figure 16. Integrating a problem solving technique into the decision making subsystem
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