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Figure 9. A Virtual FEP
small-footprint database storing the linguistic
terms and variables.
Combining this decision-making process with
a language interpreter allowed the virtual FEPs
to interact with their human partners.
communication layer) which is then transformed
and passed to the cognitive layer. The cognitive
layer then interprets this physical sensor stimulus,
along with inter-partner messages and determines
the appropriate response. Messages are conveyed
to other game partners (either virtual or human
beings), from the cognitive layer as physical layer
items in order to interact with other partners and
objects within the computer game. Virtual FEPs
receiving information via their sensors have no
control of the information relayed to the cogni-
tive layer. This means that actions and messages
sent to all participating FEPs are received by the
virtual partner. From a collaborative point of view
this is vital importance as this allows the virtual
partner to collect data through the computer game
engagement for later utilization in their decision
At this point it is possible to breakdown the
details of a virtual being's cognitive processes.
The cognitive layer can be divided into the fol-
lowing high-level subsystems (Figure 11).
Each subsystem or element of the cognitive
layer plays a part in taking input stimuli in the
form of physical layer sensor information to
produce outcomes in the form of physical actions,
The virtual being's cognitive layer encapsulates the
intelligent decision-making components required
to engage in collaborative computer games. This
layer comprises the perception, analysis, decision-
making and action elements required to participate
in intelligent collaborative tasks.
Cognitive Layer Design
The cognitive layer interprets and evaluates sensor
messages that are passed to it via the physical layer
and then determines an appropriate response, be
it another message, or an action. The response is
then relayed to the physical layer effectors.
Figure 10 depicts the process by which the
cognitive layer receives information from the
computer game that it is situated within. The physi-
cal layer receives stimulus from sensors (via the
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