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Figure 4. Framework to accommodate needs of the educators and the learners community
1. Collective and collaborative information is
gathered, shared, modified and redistributed
in creative acts;
2. Personal sites and content increasingly be-
long to the so called 'me media' category;
3. The user controls the choice of appropriate
software, tools and services;
4. The 'collective intelligence' of users is har-
nessed through aggregation and large-scale
cooperative activities (O' Hear 2005).
1. construct a public or semi public profile
within a bounded system
2. articulate a list of other users with whom
they share a connection, and
3. view and traverse their list of connections
and those made by others within the system.
In general what we identify are two important
functions of these social networks:
Intelligence gathering, where people share
and construct information online
For example, social networking sites have be-
come integrated into the daily practice of millions
of users and Boyd and Ellison (2007) describe
the key features of these services as allowing
individuals to:
Meeting new people, where there are op-
portunities for one to one and one to many
and many to many interactions.
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