Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5. External and internal risks in companies and enterprise networks
problems identified during the game in this phase.
The trend in these discussions supports the im-
pression of the facilitator, that the communication
level has an important impact both on the KPIs
as well as on the risks that need to be dealt with.
Since the output is a presentation of the identi-
fied risks and how to treat them, it does not have
objective criteria which can be compared every
time the game is played, but it shows if the par-
ticipant understood the task and if he was able to
identify risks. Since the presentation is explained
to the other participants they are also telling their
impressions. The presentation sometimes shows
some misunderstandings of how to apply the
methods, but they have the possibility to discuss
that in the group and to improve the tasks in the
written report. The students report that they find
the presentation and explanation of the other par-
ticipants, as well as the additional written reports,
helps them to deepen their understanding of risks
and also of the application of useful methods.
Evaluation of the Impact of
Presentations and Reports
for the Learning Objective
As part of the game each participant needs to
prepare his tasks as a presentation, which is pre-
sented after the game. The intention is that he will
then gain more knowledge and be more aware of
what and why he acts as he acts during the game,
because he knows that he must explain this later.
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