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Figure 1. Screenshots of the Design and Production screens from COSIGA
really learning about the technical aspects of
design and manufacturing a truck, but learning
how to increase their awareness of the many
complex, often interdependent issues of the design
process, through constant information sharing,
rationale forming and building their capacity to
act, make decisions and create new knowledge.
Beware is a role based multi-player game,
and is facilitated and played in a distributed en-
vironment. The facilitator has a monitoring tool,
which allows the facilitator to monitor the game
without taking an active part in the game, it also
offers the possibility to actively control the game
by setting game events. The facilitator can also
communicate with the players via the chat func-
tion, and can reset game processes.
Beware simulates risks in production networks,
however, many of the risks occurring in a produc-
tion network also occur in a single enterprise, so
in a first step, the players will only deal with risks
within an organisation. In a second step they will
operate in an inter-organisational collaboration.
The reason for this is that the students hardly
have any knowledge of risk management before
they join the gaming session, and not very much
experience in collaborating. In order to reduce
the complexity until they know the methods, it is
easier to just deal with single organisational risks.
In the first level of Beware, the players have
to specify, design and produce a simple product in
one company. They act as employees of an organi-
sation that covers the basic economic functions:
procurement, manufacturing and sales/ services.
They have to cooperate and to communicate, as
well as to analyse hidden risks to be successful.
The players can schedule physical meetings to
discuss relevant issues. The exchange of infor-
The objective of the Beware game is to increase
the understanding and awareness of risks in enter-
prise networks and to improve the players' skills
for risk management in enterprise networks. The
Beware game is an extension of a game engine
which was developed and used at BIBA. The basic
game, dealing with communication barriers in
companies, was developed by Schwesig in 2005
(Schwesig, 2005). In their work, Windhoff (Wind-
hoff 2001) and Schwesig showed that it is pos-
sible to mediate skills on collaboration and team
working by using games. In addition Schwesig
also states that the students find it more difficult
to develop suitable problem solving strategies
than to identify any communication barriers and
problems (Schwesig, 2005). The Beware game is
adapted in such a way that it can be used for the
mediation of skills and awareness rising of risk
management for engineering master students.
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