Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 16
Evaluation of Simulation
Games for Teaching
Production (Engineering)
Johann C.K.H. Riedel
Nottingham University Business School, UK
Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge
University of Bremen, Germany
This chapter reports on the evaluation methods and findings from serious games for teaching production/
engineering. Two serious games are considered: Cosiga, a new product development simulation game
and Beware, a risk management simulation game. These two games cover the front and middle parts of
the engineering process - from design to manufacture to sale. For the Cosiga simulation evaluations of
the communication, cognitive change and situational awareness were performed. For the Beware game
evaluation of communication, risk awareness and improvement of risk management skills were performed
The findings from the evaluations showed that serious games deliver learning outcomes. However, there
are drawbacks to their use that need to be taken into account. Principally the high cost of development
and the need for expert facilitators for running game sessions.
being increasingly customized and complex with
shorter life-cycle times, which increases the mar-
ginal cost per product (Scheer, 2002). Therefore,
organizations are confronted with the challenge
of continuously adjusting their capacities and
machines, necessitating a high degree of flexibility
in dynamic environments.
Today's manufacturing is marked by trends
towards globalization and rapid technological
advances. This results in manufactured products
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