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Figure 1. The squares containing geometric figures and an example of a task
challenge of creating a new version of the game
for children who are totally blind.
Computer games are the means for social-
izing with peers (4/14=28%)
I do not see any benefit from computer
games (0/14=0%)
Testing and Validation of Educational
Games for the Visually Impaired
A wider analysis of the survey has shown that
the attitudes of parents of children with impaired
vision are based on their previous experience and
that they should not be generalized. They are aware
of the importance and possibilities of education
through computer games, but for them the general
concept of games is primarily connected with
entertainment. They also realize that games can
have educational character and that they are good
for developing motor skills, but many of them do
not realize that computers and games can also
contribute to communication and socialization.
During the recent cycle of training of 14 visually
impaired children for computer use in Serbia, a
survey (Perepatić, 2010) was made among their
parents. A number of the questions were related
to computer games in general, with the aim of
determining the parents' opinions about computer
games and possible benefits to the children that
can be expected from computer games. They could
choose two of five answers:
The primary role of computer games is en-
tertainment as is the case with any other
games (8/14=57%)
Computer games could be educational and
stimulate creativity in children (8/14=57%)
Computer games are good for improv-
ing some skills like speed, memory, etc.
Despite many discussions about the potential
harmfulness of computer games and research on
their potentially bad influence on the young people,
computer games are, whether we like it or not,
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