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Figure 4. Control inclusion ball places
Figure 5. List of Tasks
Figure 6. Task “Eating and Yogurt” from the
Food theme
possibility of using the game in several operating
systems, audio functions, among others. The game
consists of the correct ordering of a sequence
of steps necessary to perform a task, or letters,
words or numbers ordering. The tasks available
are simple execution tasks like, hands washing,
to cross a street or buying a product. The chosen
activities included in the game were daily tasks.
When performed correctly by the players, they will
increase hardly their autonomy and independence.
The task list is presented on Figure 5. In Figure 6
it is possible to observe one of the tasks which is
possible to work with, “Eating a Yogurt”.
To control the game flux/task, it was imple-
mented the chart presented in Figure 7. It is pos-
sible to verity that during the tasks execution it
is given the player the possibility of help assistance.
The help is given by a video which exemplifies
how the task can be done. All over the task con-
cretization are used voice messages indicating to
the player if their options are or not correct. This
feature was necessary because several players
cannot read and so this procedure allows turning
the game more friendlily to this kind of players.
One of the innovations implemented was the
game interface. Considering that some players
present motor difficulties, which in some cases
unable to use a mouse.
To control the game flux it was decided to
test the interface from the games console Wii
case (snooker game), and with some complexity
in terms of laws of physics, to put in practice the
theoretical aspects. Somehow, they consider that
the model used characterize the reality, although
missing some components, such same effects,
namely that ones that depend on the point of
contact between the ball and the cue. As future
work, beyond the effects, the game graphics of
and the areas ahead of the hole could be improved.
The game was developed using the Allegro game
motor (, n.d.; Feldman, 2000; Hattan,
2009; Malik, 2008; Dawson, 2006; Harbour,
2002). This game motor is free distributed, which
was a relevant factor in our choice. This motor
also contains interesting functionalities, like the
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